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Going to the Zoo in Hawai‘i

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Written by: Mora Ebie
Illustrated by: Jon J. Murakami

It's time to go to the zoo! Every child loves going to the zoo -especially in Hawaii where you can walk through colorful Waikiki, wave at lifeguards and surfers, and see Duke's statue along the way. Join one local family and spend a beautiful Hawaiian day at the zoo and see hippos, flamingoes, elephants, monkeys, nene, and more.

ISBN Hard Cover: 1-56647-790-5

Page Count 28 pages
Publisher Mutual Publishing
Publish Date 2006
Dimensions 8.2” x 9.5”
Author Mora Ebie, illustrated by Jon J. Murakami
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 1566477905



  • Image of Going to the Zoo in Hawai‘i
  • Image of Going to the Zoo in Hawai‘i