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Geckos Trick or Treat

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Illustrated by Jon J. Murakami

5 in. x 6 in. 18 pages Boardbook ISBN

The 2nd in the Gecko series.

Celebrate the holiday specifically for kids by giving this non-plaque producing gift!

It’s never too early to begin reading to your child, and this new, sturdy board book, perfect for drooling gums and curious hands, will delight even the youngest infant. Follow Hawai‘i’s most loveable creatures—geckos—found in every home in the islands as they get ready for a night of tricks and treats and dress up as bats, kings, cowboys, and superheros.

Babies will be drawn to the simple rhythm and rhyme of the text; toddlers will love the silly, colorful geckos created by local illustrator Jon Murakami. And Halloween can begin with some silly fun.

It’s about time Hawai‘i’s keiki had their own boardbooks that rival those from the mainland with stories and characters our island children can relate to.


  • Image of Geckos Trick or Treat
  • Image of Geckos Trick or Treat